Fort Wayne

The award winning photograph, “Frozen in Time”, of Fort Wayne’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Bridge was graciously provided by Anneke Lehmann.

Founded October 22, 1794, Fort Wayne was incorporated on February 22, 1840.

Fort Wayne was the central port along the Wabash and Erie Canal, and because our city was also the highest point of elevation along the canal route, it acquired the nickname “Summit City” sometime in the early to mid-1800s.

Did you know that Fort Wayne is sometimes referred to as the “City of Churches”?  This nicknames dates to the late-19th century when our city was the regional hub of Catholic, Lutheran, and Episcopal churches.  According to statistics published by the city of Fort Wayne, there are 360 churches located in within the city.

If you are new to Fort Wayne or are considering relocating to the area, we have provided some links below which we hope you will find helpful: