At Ludwig and Racquet

Reprinted from Blogedonia.

Brotherhood Mutual Insurance (BMI) has been in business for 100 years, employs approximately 400 people (including me), and its mission statement is summarized as “Advancing the Kingdom by serving the Church.”  Many of its employees are professing believers.

Around 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday, a curious thing happens near BMI’s campus.  At the intersection of Lugwig and Racquet roads, you can see the Gospel in action.

To explain, it’s necessary to ask how shall we describe modern day driving?  Road rage. Breath-taking rudeness.  Distracted (i.e. selfish) driving.  In short, drivers insisting on their own way.

There are numerous businesses around the BMI campus, but the largest employer has to be BMI.  Most BMI employees end their workday around 4:30 pm when they drive out onto Ludwig Road and head East towards Coldwater Road.

In the 2 years I have worked at BMI, I have yet to see BMI employees insisting on their own way by refusing to let drivers on Racquet turn left or right onto Ludwig.  No matter how long the line is on Racquet (or Ludwig, which can get very long indeed), every car on Ludwig, one after another, lets out at least one driver on Racquet.  In 37 years of driving, I have never seen such copious, conspicuous courtesy.  It can be nothing less than the Gospel in action.

John 13:34,35 and 1 Corinthians 13:4,5

What goes on Ludwig and Racquet is neither dramatic nor profound.  Nor is it a complete presentation of the Gospel since no Scripture is spoken to be heard.  Who knows if it has led, or will lead, to changed lives?  But the world can go there and see Christians working out their faith in a visible way.

Speaking as someone who thinks the Ronald Reagan Expressway in Fort Wayne should be renamed the Death Race 2000 Expressway, I’d love like to see more of this.